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Like many of my compatriots I am deeply scared by the direction in which Poland is currently going to. The scenes of marching nationalists chanting hatred against colored people, Jews, Muslims, refugees and those Poles who oppose fascism are terrifying. So, is this the face of the “proper” Polish patriotism? Is this how the Polish Independence Day should always look like? The national fiesta which commemorates the joint efforts of various political factions to regain Poland’s independence in 1918 – socialists, national-democrats, peasants, communists?

March of Independence and anti-fascicst protest of Obywatele RP (Citizens RP), Warsaw. November 11, 2017

These tens of thousands participants of the “Marches of Independence” on 11 November are just a fraction of the whole population of Poland, which counts 38 million citizens. Unfortunately, their number is growing year by year and this process cannot be reversed. All the monsters that marked our society at the pre-World War II time (see II Republic) came out on top. Particularly worrying in the present political situation is the fact that nationalism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and racism, are supported by the authorities. Police who is supposed to secure safety is not responding to slogans which break Polish law and constitution, harassing – also by arrest – these brave young people who have the courage to say STOP FASCISM.

I would like the POLEN VOOR NEDERLANDERS website to be the least politicized, but I cannot remain indifferent to what is now happening in “this” country. “This” because I do not know if I still have the right to call it “my”. And if I want – it will be shown by the future and choices that my compatriots will make. I deeply believe that this silent majority will reject soon the vision of Poland ultra-national and brown. But I have no confidence in that.

Renata Głuszek

November 14, 2017

More on it soon…

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