Christian Dior in Lodz

“Christian Dior en de Parijse mode-iconen uit de Adam Leja-collectie”

Central Museum of Textiles, de voormalige fabriek van Geyer, Piotrkowska Str. 281

26,04-26,08. 2018

The exhibition resembles the achievements of Christian Dior, as well as post-war Parisian haute couture masters. It could have been created thanks to the courtesy of the Polish collector and expert, Adam Leja, the owner of over five thousand objects from the history of fashion. It consists of two parts. The first one is devoted exclusively to the creations from the Dior fashion house. It presents original costumes, but also complementary accessories – hats, shoes, as well as jewelry. The exhibition is a “journey” throughout the history of this fashion house, showing how Dior interpreted in his attire the tendencies appearing in the ever-changing reality of the following decades.

It is wonderful in its elegance. The world elegance of creations and accessories for coats, jackets or dresses, the splendor of women’s hats, headscarves, shawls as well as the elegance of the presentation of these masterpieces of the Costume Art. The exhibition is a story not only about the changing fashion, but above all about how fashion shaped the culture of everyday life of European cities in the era of capitalism. It has a historical dimension, because that – capitalist, bourgeois or bourgeois Europe – belongs to the past.

Text en afbeelding: Marek Angiel

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