Wooden temples

In the area of ​​Polish Carpathians, there are over 270 wooden temples, which were built as Catholic or as Protestant churches, and more than 160 wooden Greek Catholic churches. These are highly unusual structures – full of charm and simplicity, perfectly fitted in a Marek-Angiel-2_06-08-2012mountain landscape, attracting with their mystery (the oldest ones date from the 15th century).

The most valuable are inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The following photos were taken by Marek Angiel in the years 2002-2011 in Lesser Poland and Subcarpathian provinces. Marek Angiel is a geographer, traveler and a lover of Polish cultural landscape.

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Dębno, Kotlina Orawsko-Nowotarska

Pogórze Spisko-Gubałowskie Trybsz

Trybsz, Pogórze Spisko-Gubałowskie

Niski Uście Gorlickie

Uście Gorlickie, Beskid Niski


Czarna, Beskid Niski  (2009)

BEeskid Niski Brunary

Brunary, Beskid Niski

Beskid Niski Komańcza

Komańcza, Beskid Niski


Bartne, Beskid Niski  (2009)

Wyspowy Pisarzowa

Pisarzowa, Beskid Wyspowy


Iwonicz, Beskid Niski

Beskid Niski Kotań

Kotań, Beskid Niski


Kotań, Beskid Niski

Beskid Niski Łosie

Łosie, Beskid Niski


Olchowiec, Beskid Niski  (2009)


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