Deceptive Bieszczady

Bieszczady Mountains are the wildest and least populated part of Poland. Once it was different, as is evidenced by remains of old homesteads and churches. The tragic history of expelled or murdered inhabitants is covered today by the peaceful beauty of the landscape. Anyone looking for a rest or life away from civilization will find it right there, but only the toughest can survive the settlement. The beauty of Bieszczady Mountains – a very attractive tourist region – sometimes seems strongly deceptive! Pictures are made by geographer Marek Angiel. Read also: Bieszczady Mountains

Polonina Caryńska 2Połonina Caryńska

Bieszczady-z-PoÅ‚oninyCaryÅ„skiej-na-pd-wsch_07-2007Połonina Caryńska

Bieszczady-z-PoÅ‚oninyCaryÅ„skiej-na-PoÅ‚oninÄ™WetliÅ„skÄ…_07-2007A tourist route from Połonina Caryńska to Połonina Wetlińska

Połonina WetlińskaPołonina Wetlińska

Polonina WetlińskaPołonina Wetlińska

Bereźnica Wyżna - baranyBereźnica  Wyżna

Kolejka-Bieszczadzka-na-trasie_07-2007The Forest Railway

ZbiornikSoliński-z-Polańczyka-1_07-2007Solina Lake

ZbiornikSoliÅ„ski-z-PolaÅ„czyka_07-2007Solina Lake – Polańczyk

Łopienka-cerkiewŁopianki – a church from 1757 r.

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