Upper Silesia in scenes

Upper Silesia – for Poles simply Silesia, whose capital is the city Katowice – does not belong to regions that are particularly recommended for tourists. It is the industrial heart of Poland, which for years scared people with unhealthy air caused by metallurgical smoke and fumes, neglected brick houses, so called “familok” (as inhabited by worker’s families), covered with dirt and having window frames painted in red, slag heaps and mining towers.

Presently the landscape has been changing, but there are still many suburbias of poverty and bad fame. On the other hand, there are districts where inhabitants still cultivate old Silesian traditions. We look there through pictures made by professional photographer Bartek Barczyk (thanks for sharing them with us!), who together with the Centre of Polish Stage realized the project “Costume in the lens of the city”. Photos were taken, among others, in Bytom (district Bobrek), Swiętochłowice (Lipiny), Zabrze (Borsig) and Ruda Śląska (Chebzie).







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