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Marjan Meegdes: A very nice website about Poland. I have not read anything like this for a long time, but it looks very good. Lots of information and beautiful pictures. Entirely right. !!!


Aloys: For next year we plan a holiday in Poland. So I am lucky to find this site, very good, beautiful and provided with very good info for vacation. Success with the site and hopefully there will come more info.


Lex Lugthart: Special site. Never have read such a complete and personal image of a country somewhere. Great initiative, especially to eliminate (pre-) judgments (often out of ignorance).

Jacques: Hello, this is really a very nice web site. Much information. Many helpful tips. I really hope that many Dutch people will read this. One can find everything about the beauty of Poland, super go on!, greetings: Jacques and Uszi Overwijk, Osetno Mazury.

Marielle: What a nice website! We are busy planning a trip to Poland. We want to go to the north of Poland and then go back home through the eastern and central Poland. We want to see everything and to do so it takes some what to see and experience but this site does help! We will be making the trek in our American motorhome. Our son of 6 goes with us so if anyone have any good ideas or tips, please let us know!

Ankie: This site, my daughter-in-law sent me. I think that’s a nice gesture. I’m going to read the information with great interest and hope I get a bit wiser.

Anna: Good site with very good information. Most Dutch know that the Polish people are good hard workers, but we are much more than that. Really a good site. Hats off 🙂


Steve: I am Glad there is so much information available about Poland and her culture.


Harrie Beuvink: Have been reading this website for a couple of years, great website, new topics are added every time, very informative, praise to the creators!


Mariya Rodionova: All I can say is you both and various contributors have created a very detailed, unofficial guide to your homelands. I especially appreciated the depth of research that is evident from the articles on political situation, social customs and national character. The point of view you provide on these websites is very qualified and well-informed because you, as natives of Poland and the Netherlands, have profound knowledge of your countries and can talk about them in a manner that is both entertaining and informative. A multitude of colourful photos makes the websites very attractive too. Another great feature of the websites are stories about personal experience of foreigners abroad (you in Poland, your correspondent Dorota in the Netherlands) and reports from travelers (e.g. the story Hitchhiking). It may be critically useful for those travelling to your countries to read about this first-hand experience. It could be great if you included more stories of such kind to the websites.

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  1. I am a historian In the leo baeck institute, center for jewish history, the majority of mansions you speak of are actually BUILT BY GERMANS and were not ! built by Poles, there is nothing Polish about them, it was obvious that the author was a Pole as she did not mention that these mansions WERE INHERITED by the new Poland in the borders of the Potsdam Conference of 1945. However inaccurately you fail to mention this in any description. The actual title of each mansion needs to read: German built , NOT showing any particular Polish style, but INHERITED by current day Poland in 1945. There is no shame to ” inherit ” them however the descriptions you have herein are not historically accurate !

    • Dear Mr Wistuba, if you relate to the “Patriotic house” article you are wrong and you should increase your knowledge about Polish history. Most of the houses were built IN POLAND, before the partition at the end of 18th century. And even if they were built in 19th century, they were built by Polish noble families according to the Polish architecture tradition. Your statement that “The actual title of each mansion needs to read: German built” shows your incompetency in this matter. Sorry to say so. Renata

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