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Currently there are over 200 campgrounds which are members of the Polish Federation of Camping and Caravanning. The vast majority of them are objects only open in the summer season. Approx. 20% of Polish campgrounds are open year-round. Camps in Poland are located throughout the country: by the sea or lakes and rivers, mountains and foothills, in large cities, in forest areas and by the border. More than 30% of the campsites offers tourists accommodation in permanent accommodation base, it is in bungalows, in guest rooms, in hotels, motels and shelters.


Small campsite Osetno where they speak Dutch

Campsites in Poland

Vehicles with a maximum mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes are subject to electronic toll by system viaToll. Those vehicles must be equipped with small transmitters viaBOX.

viabox + pudelko

Full information how to get it and use one can find on viaToll website

There is the list of the Contact Points where you can buy viaBOX: Contact Points


Fees will depend on the so-called emissions standards of the car. For the “cleanest” (which meet Euro 5) amount per kilometer: highway or expressway – 20 groszy, the national road – 16 groszy. Details you can find in blue tables on the website polskicaravanning.pl

  • table 1 – snelwegs and S roads
  • table 2 – class GP and G

There are lists of the roads where you pay electronically: polskicaravanning.pl


  • autostrada = snelweg
  • węzeł = splitsing
  • odcinek = wegvak
  • droga ekspresowa = autoweg
  • obwodnica = ringweg
  • skrzyżowanie = kruispunt
  • granica =  grens


Please, let us know about your experiences in caravanning in Poland!

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