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I am very pleased to inform you that Han Tiggelaar – co-writer of the Polen voor Nederlanders and Holandia bez tajemnic (The Netherlands without secrets) websites – was in 2016 nominated for the title of Honorary POLONUS. He had been proposed by the Polish students in the Netherlands – thanks!

Polonus means a person of Polish origin living permanently abroad, who holds Polish traditions. In the sense of “honorary” is the title given to the people acting for Poland and Polish people living in the Netherlands. The competition is organized by the Foundation Polonus, founded in 2011.

Internet voting took place since October 15th  to November 15th and the announcement of the results took place on November 19th during a special ceremony at the Aalsmeerr Studio. Han did not win but was second in the internet voting in his category. Thank you for all who voted for him!


Han Tiggelaar  19.09.1943 – 19.09.2018

From myself I will add only that without Han’s enthusiasm for the idea of the twin Polish-Dutch websites, without his huge work put both in writing texts and translation, they would have not been created. And we are very proud of them, because we offer not only information about Poland or the Netherlands, but also help in solving various problems. Whether it’s finding the grave of Polish soldier in the Netherlands, or arranging for Dutch journalists stay in the Bieszczady mountains.

The other aspect of our websites is to make both, Polish and Dutch nations (maybe other too) to understand them well. More on this topic in HOW TO MAKE A WEBSITE REFLECTING TWO CULTURES. HAVE A UNIVERSAL APPEAL.

Renata Głuszek

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