Can we help you?

When we were making “Polen voor Nederlanders” website we did not expect that many Dutch people would seek here help in solving these and other problems connected with Poland. They asked us to help in matters such as:

  • translation into Dutch of the poetry of Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński,
  • finding a minibus for a group of Dutch scouts who wanted to visit Poland,
  • arranging a tour for a Dutch choir,
  • suggesting places tourists could visit with childern,
  • finding a guide (speaking Dutch) for Dutch tourists visiting the mysterious tunnels of World War II in Lower Silesia,
  • information about the Polish health service,
  • information about fishing in Poland,
  • how to get to a certain small village in Mazury,
  • a search for a Polish woman
  • finding accommodation in the Bieszczady Mountains and a guide (in the English language) for two Dutch journalists

We do what we can, though it is not easy sometimes. It is rather difficult for a person from Upper Silesia to organize a tour around the Bieszczady Mountains while nobody is known there personally. In this case, however, we were successful!

We are very happy to learn that our suggestions helped some visitors in Poland. This was the case of the older couple from the Netherlands visiting Warsaw. We are pleased with any information that our assistance has proved to be effective, although it is not always obvious for those people. Well, cest la vie.

A separate topic is related to “Holandia bez tajemnic” (“Netherlands without secrets”) website, specifically to the chapter “World War II”. Following it some people ask us for help in inquiries about the fate of Polish soldiers. Thanks to our big friend, the amateur historian Jaap Geensen, we could find the grave of Polish soldier Klemens Dąbrowski from Bochlin, who was killed in the Battle of Axel.

If you have any request or inquiry relating to Poland, please write directly to Renata Głuszek to the following address: