Nomad & Villager: Poland

Here you can find reports about Poland which is seen through the eyes of the journalist Anneke Truss and photographer Nicole Franks, who publish their stories on the online magazine Nomad & Villager.

Both ladies are story tellers in the tradition of new journalism, or maybe old school journalism really since stories are as old as mankind. They cover stories on people fighting the current and focus on places that tend to stay out of sight. They do this with humor and often a lump in their throats.

 The Jews of Tarnów

There is little left of the rich Jewish history of Tarnow after the Second World War. Yet Tarnow is the city where a remarkable love story begins. Between a Jewish woman and a Catholic man. Imprisoned in Auschwitz, they manage to escape together. They lose each other. And then find each other again, almost 40 years later.

More about the authors

Mrs. Nomad, alias Nicole Franken is a photographer. She was born in Rotterdam on the coldest day of 1976 – rumour has it in ski gear – and moved to Curaçao as fast as she could to warm up. She hates public transport but has nonetheless travelled the entire world by bus. She finally settled on a houseboat on a very Dutch stretch of water. She captures with her camera what tends to stay out of sight. +31 6-24242085.

Mrs. Villager, alias Anneke de Bundel is a journalist and travel blogger. Born in Belgium in the year that the turtle Tui Malila died in Tonga at the age of 188 years. She moved to Holland at a young age. An event from which she has never recovered.  She has lived in the US, Spain and former Yugoslavia. She portraits people in search of happiness. Usually against the current. +31 6-81773669.