Polish folk costumes

In this gallery we present Polish folk costumes in paintings by Polish non-professional painters – participants of the 8th Intuitive painters Competition of the name of Juliusz Marcisz, organized by the Association “The Colours of Silesia” and Collection The Colours of Silesia.

Wilanów / painted by Anna Tengli Truchel

Western Cracow / painted by Jadwiga Fastnacht

Eastern Cracow / painted by Dorota Sekuła

Łowicz, the wedding costumes / painted by Ewa Pilarz

Podhale / painted by Czesław Ziętek

Orawa / painted by Stanisław Łakomy

Łowicz  / painted by Marcin Guzy

Rzeszów / painted by Sabina Pasoń

Bytom (Upper Silesia) / painted by Jerzy Skiba

Rozbark (Upper Silesia) / painted by Kazimiera Wiśniewska

Racibórz (Upper Silesia) / painted by Andrzej Marcol

Biskupin / painted by Józef Hetman

Olesno / painted by Piotr Chmielarski

Ziemia Lubuska / painted by Edward Czech

Kurpie Zielone / painted by Ignacy Pałka

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