Loving Vincent

2017 is a year of the release of the very interesting and unique animation  LOVING VINCENT, created by a Polish-British team of directors: Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman, in a Polish-Great Britain co-production. 

The film is composed of about 65,000 paintings (with the technique of cartoon films) all hand painted in the style of Vincent van Gogh by about 125 artists.

* Directing: Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman,
* Screenplay: Hugh Welchman, Dorota Kobiela, Jacek Dehnel
* Production: Iven Mactaggert, Sean Bobbitt,

* Country: Poland, Great Brittain.

The plot

Just when Vincent became successful, he commited suicide. It was not becouse of his mental health or the problems with his brother? Was it a desperate act to get more recognition for his work? Was it not a suicide at all? Armand Roulin, the son of van Gogh’s postman, goes to Auvers to unravel the mystery about Vincent’s death. The various people (all painted by van Gogh!) that he meets during his trip have each their own story. It seems difficult to find out the truth about van Gogh. Eventually, the film depicts a fascinating portrait of Van Gogh, who was hardly recognized during his life.

Polish comments

Tomasz Blonski – Reviews Blox 9.5/10:
“An insane idea, which thanks to the titanic work of the artists delights from the first to the last minute.”

Małgorzata Litwin, Blog o wysokim poziomie kultury 10/10:
“A work of Art – not only due to the technique and massive work involved – it’s also a moving story told in words and images.”

Karolina Osowska, Okiem Krytyka 9/10:
“A delightful animation about a great artist which can boldly be regarded as a milestone in cinema history. A visit to the cinema is mandatory.”

Adam Siennica, naEKRANIE 9/10:
“This film is able to knock you off your feet.”

Tomasz Zacharczuk, Trojmiasto.pl 9/10:
“The effects of the laborious effort that went into Loving Vincent is simply marvelous! The first (feature) film created in painting animation is astounding from the first frame.”

Przemysław Dobrzyński, Spider’s Web 8/10:
“A thrilling work of art and engaging thriller all in one!”

Radosław Krajewski, Prosto z kina 8/10:
“Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman and the rest of the crew have taken Loving Vincent to a totally new level, which undoubtedly won’t be repeated for a long time.”


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