Ярмарка во Вроцлаве

Wroclaw Christmas Market is undoubtedly the most wonderful in Poland. It takes place not only at the Market Square, but also at Solny Square and on Świdnicka and Oławska Streets. At the bazaar you can buy various Christmas stuff as well as specialities of Polish cuisine (ham hock, bigos, slices of bread, Saint-Martin croissants, potatoes with herring, different kinds of dumplings, cabbage rolls, barberry, highlander cheese „oscypek” with cranberries), and other countries specialities. And many many sweeties of course! There are many attractions for children and adults – spectacles, artistic performances of young children and Christmas concerts which take place on the stage. The Dwarf Prezentuś (Giftie – from “gift”) appears at the Market Square. According to a legend, if you touch his hat three times, all wishes and dreams will come true. You can meet this pleasant dwarf only during the Christmas Market. After all, Wrocław is the City of Dwarfs!

Photo: Pianoforte Agencja Artystyczna

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