Ярмарка в Гданьске

Many attractions are offered by the Christmas Market in Gdańsk, which in 2017 takes place in three places: Coal Market (Kohlenmarkt), Great Armory of the Academy of Fine Arts (handicraft and craft) and Wyspa Spichrzów – Speicherinsel (food). In this year the Gdańsk fair is distinguished by the following attractions: Moose Lucek, who speaks with a human voice, an ice slide, the Angelic Mill and a carousel with steeds. The heart of the Fair is the Angelic Mill – an eight-meter, three-level crib with moving figures: the Three Kings, the Holy Family, angels and saints: Barbara, Nicholas, Jan Nepomucen and Wojciech. Characters were carved in the lime-tree by Kashubian folk artist Michał Ostoja-Lniski. On Saturdays and Sundays evenings a large-scale magical animation is displayed on the wall of the Amber Museum.

Photo. archiwum MTG www.bozonarodzeniowy.gda.pl

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