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The Polish man is certainly a unique phenomenon in Europe. Throughout the centuries he was characterized not only by his unique appearance, but also by extremely gallant behavior towards women.

He let the lady go first at the door or he kissed her hand… The taste of kissing a woman’s hand, not practiced in Europe outside the official ceremonial, was very unusual. This specifically Polish behavior was born in the gentry’s culture of the 16thto17thcenturies, referred to as Sarmatian (the nobility thought they derived from the mythical Sarmatians). Not only men’s gallantry was unusual. High-shaved heads with tufts of hair, clothing referring to Turkish attire (kontusz, żupan) – certainly the Pole of that time brought some touch of exoticism and masculinity into a lace-clad and frilled Europe.

Picture from the movie “With fire and sword”

 Much later, in the 1980s, the mustache of striking shipbuilders was also a bit weird.

Lech Wałęsa with the workers on strike at the Gdańsk Shipyard
photo: National Archive, The Hague

Patterns of gallant behavior were cultivated by pre-war Uhlans, with General Boleslaw Wieniawa-Długoszowski at the forefront. When he once had an indecent dream of some noble lady, the general felt obliged to send her flowers with apologies!

This kind of gentleman’s behavior towards women, in one form or another (kissing a ladу’ s hand, for instance, nowadays practiced mostly by some older guys) has survived up today. A foreign woman should not be surprised if a Pole insists on paying her bill in a café or restaurant. But does it mean that a contemporary Pole is the dream material for a husband or lover? Many young Polish women – dreaming of a foreigner – don’t think so.


According to online survey conducted in 2013 by the Bols Platinum brand, Polish men rate themselves very highly, attributing to themselves the following features:

  • bravery – 96%
  • courage – 93%
  • defence of a partner in case of danger – 96%
  • class-related behavior – 90%
  • respect and gentleness towards women – 86%

Report data on domestic violence presents male Poles however in a slightly different light. According to the research conducted by Feminoteka Foundation in 2012, approximately 800,000 women per year experience violence and 150 die as a result of domestic quarrels. The research does not include undisclosed cases (bullying of a child is not infrequent either.) Beating wives was a permanent element of peasant customs, which women accepted with humility (“he beats” means “he loves”). When asked if men react in cases of aggression of their colleagues to their wives, the president of Feminoteka Joanna Piotrowska responds: “They are afraid to react. “They do not want to look like mollusks or hear that they are interfering in their affairs. The fear of losing a macho face also plays a major role.

Men have been treating women in this way for centuries. In the past a woman received kisses of her hand, but at the same time she was treated paternalistically and with disregard. A poem by Adam Mickiewicz, an eminent Polish poet of the 19thcentury, begins with the following words: “Woman, a vanity fluff, a variable creature.” The echoes of these behaviors survived in the form of contemptuous remarks about female drivers (a hag behind the wheel); statements about a prostitute which cannot be raped and deeply unfriendly remarks towards feminists. In this respect Polish males are characterized by exceptional conservatism and resistance to changes that aim at equalizing the legal and social positions of men and women and the elimination of genderism, treated by many men as the invention of crazy hags.

Photo: Renata Głuszek

Unfortunately it also concerns young men. Women aged 25-33, interviewed by Katarzyna Wojnicka and Ewelina Ciaputa for their later book “Carousel with men”, very often stated that a Polish man cannot function in the equality relationship in which the roles of both partners are not gender-determined. “They stick to the old patriarchal principles and are an explosive mix of a personality full of complexes and at the same time possessing a high opinion of themselves” (quotes come from: polki.pl).

According to the painter Hanna Bakuła, in Poland like nowhere else men are completely subordinated to women, which with the dream of being a real macho extremely frustrates them and makes them dull. Another thing is that they have no particular ambitions, do not pursue any personal development, and spend their free time mainly in an armchair in front of the TV-set, often drinking beer. A model example of such an individual is Ferdynand Kiepski, the hero of the popular satirical series “The Kiepski Family”.

Ferdynand Kiepski


An average Pole is also careless in terms of appearance. The facts and statistics are merciless for Polish men. Many of them become fat in their thirties, and in the following years they get a so called “beer belly.” A Polish man’s clothing also leaves much to be desired, which seems more important for foreign ladies than the Polish ones. It is difficult to understand a high tolerance for the following clothing sets: slippers/flip-flops or sandals worn with dark socks, half-calf trousers, any T-shirt or even an undershirt. When the author of this text mocked at such a model on her Facebook page, many women reacted with indignation, defending clothing freedom!

Photo: Renata Głuszek

According to Tanya Stancheva from Bulgaria, Polish guys do not make a great impression: They are simply not attractive enough for me, there is no spell or mystery in them, they look too ordinary, not very colorful and, as they say in Bulgaria, they just do not catch your eye.

In large cities and political, business or cultural circles there are, of course, elegant, well-dressed men. Awareness of the need for a good appearance among the male population of Poland is reportedly growing…

Photo: Renata Głuszek


Maybe things are a bit better in ars amandi case? Unfortunately in this matter the Polish man is also rated, by both Polish and foreign women, rather law. Letting a lady go first at the door, kissing her hand, giving a coat – it all makes a good impression at first, especially in Europe, but then things become worse. Conversation on the first date often lacks finesse, sparkle and humor.  A good illustration of it is TV programm “First date”, in which the “national male average” is reported. There are, of course, flowers (sometimes) and a welcome compliment, but then men sitting by the tables seem to be very boring and even show a lack of good social behavior.

Claudia Agostinho from Portugal notes that “Polish guys are too serious; they are rarely able to be relaxed. And they have no sense of humor. Only when they have a drink, they become more relaxed and natural. But there is also the other side of the coin – after alcohol they can be aggressive, intrusive”.

The next step in the relationship can bring a disappointment. “Where is the fire and passion? Where are the surprises, the sticky notes for good morning on the refrigerator, where are the flowers and walks by the sea?” – asks Olga Audzeichyk from Belarus. Polish women also complain of the lack of romanticism in Polish guys.

(Quotes are from the publication  Kobiety_z_zagranicy_recenzuja_polskich_mezczyzn)


Ladies going to marry a Pole should be aware of his usually strong relationship with his mother (and Polish mother-in-law mostly does not like her daughter-in-law). As for the verbal communication, the Polish man, regardless of the environment he represents, is characterized by one common thing: the tendency to abuse vulgarisms while long, long time ago a man saying it by accident in the presence of a woman deeply apologized to her. 

Of course there are many interesting, intelligent, well-dressed and well-bred men in Poland. The thing is, you do not know where they are. The problem is not new, because already in 1975 a singer Danuta Rinn sang in her great hit Where these men are:

Where are the men, the real ones,
eagles, falcons, herosy!?
Where these men worthy of the age,
where these lads are!?

Well, where?


A man of dream – 17th century knight Jan Skrzetuski, “With fire and sword”

An example of old-fashioned elegance is the politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke, unfortunately, in his views – an extreme anti-feminist / photo: Adrain Grycuk

Singer Michał Szpak – a colorful bird / photo: Silar

A pensioner / photo: Renata Głuszek


Robert Lewandowski – a worldly man / photo: Uwe Bassenhoff

Renata Głuszek

Published: January 4th, 2018

I invite all men outraged by the theses of my text to write in comments what you think about a contemporary Polish man. Any thesis, studies that refute my theses are welcome. I promise to publish it in a separate article.


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46 thoughts on “Polish man

  1. The article full of stereotypes and incredibly stupid.
    And written by polish woman, that’s just pathetic how can someone sink so low 🙂

  2. Polish girls are boring too. I.have spent 4 weeks in Krakow. Girls are boring, low self esteem. To compensate, dress very well. Dull and cold.

    Polish guys.why are tolerating crap? Date Russians, etc.

    • We know theh.In Poland many boys chooses Ukrainian Girls(are so cute).Number’s of marriage Polish mens with Ukrainian,Russian,Belarus growing up very fast.

    • Don’t want to date any Russians as they are just the same if not worse .. (look at the cheap prostitution that the typical trait of the Russian). I was dating a Polish lady for two years but she left me for another guy. Felt pissed of and all was f..d up when she left as she left me emotionally fu..d up.. but with that other guy they just clicked and are happy . We are friends now. I think I still kinda love her secretly..

  3. Thank you for this article. I’m an english woman dating a polish guy and can identify with many of your points. As a feminist I’m really struggling with some of my boyfriend’s conservative and what I consider often sexist remarks. I can see now its probably cultural differences.
    Anyway this article certainly helps me understand why so few English women seem to date Polish men and why its so prevalent the other way round.

    • Well educated Polish men ( and those form good nice families) don’t want to date any crappy fat rough rude and obnoxious English females who are only interested in cheap buzz and shag with whoever . The Polish men have their high standards, they like clean houses, good food , good conversation nd surely an intelligent partner and there are many of them in Poland so they have a big and lovely beautiful f.. g amazing choice!! what for would a great intelligent man from Poland want a classical English mob / chav or seal with can only shout and swear , be obnoxious and who doesn’t even have. a taste in clothing .. yuck crazy tricking stuff man. The polish men are spoiled they have many BEAUTIFIUL gorgeous woman and INTELLIGENT women there back home. Sometimes they go for Ukrainians or Russians ( because they are dirt cheap and easy and are just house wives and like to be maintained . Some guys maybe like it so they can chose . Sex with Russians woman is crap though.

      • Well…John…my polish boyfriend is a very well educated Engineer, who after 2 years is still dating me (an English woman) 🙂

        Your belief that it is a woman’s sole duty to: keep the house clean; prepare good food; look beautiful and gorgeous with ‘good taste in clothing’; in order to please her polish man only reinforces my comments, that in general, Polish men are conservative and sexist…. so thank you for that!

        Your comments about English women are just plain rude, ignorant and obnoxious. Most English women are sexually liberated and perhaps have less interest in massaging the ego of a man!! I can assure you I am intelligent and a well educated English woman; as are many of my english female friends. I have a well paid job and believe household duties should be split equally as this is fair when both partners work full time.

        The ‘high standards’ that you speak of are only concerned with keeping women submissive, passive and subservient to the desires of men. …Which would suggest you are an insecure man with low self esteem.

    • Hi Bethan, I am also a British woman with a Polish man. We just got married in May of this year. I don’t know if I can offer much advice though, as my husband seems to be quite different from your partner.

      My husband abhors domestic violence and drink, mainly because of memories of his own father with his mother. He will not drink at all. He also shuns the Catholic church because he was disillusioned with his religious grandparents who would not practise what they preached and who he thus viewed as hypocrital. All in all, he is a rather modern Polish young man who actively avoids the traditional Polish ideal of a relationship. I will also say he dresses somewhat colourfully and smartly, and definitely not in socks and sandals. When we got married he actively supported my decision to keep my own name, and any children we have will have a double-barrelled surname. His outlook is progressive, and he grumbles about conservatism in Poland.

      That said, he acknowledges that he is not in the majority of Polish men, and says that the majority are more conservative and traditional, although he thinks things may be changing among the younger generations such as himself.

      He says he thinks his mother, and especially his grandmother, may be upset that we did not have a traditional Polish wedding in a Catholic church, but he believes I will generally be accepted by his family. He has said that if he brought home a non-European wife, hypothetically, I could not expect such acceptance however. But he is determined not to let his family live his life, and in fact wants to stay and make our family in Britain. I am the one who has to nudge him to send out cards and at least keep courteous contact with his family.

      My situation is not the same as yours, of course – I am a little bit younger than my husband (we are 31 and 32), and I do not have any existing children, nor previous marriages or anything like that, which I am sure will make it easier for his Polish family and friends to accept me.

  4. I don’t know where the writer of this article went to met polish guys. I’m living in Wroclaw 1 year from now, and yes there are some stupids that match with all the downsides described, but in most of cases I’ve found extremly gentleman guys with diversify topics to talk about, with strong opinions which is sexy for me as a Latin Girl.
    Please! who doesn’t feel better when is about to break the ice after a drink or tow?
    Now I’m happy in a relationship with a extra super polish guy and has been great, maybe has a big impact the fact that in my culture there are still roles for men and woman and it helps to fit here, but anyway, I found this article very disrespectful and full of cliches.
    Maybe if you stop going on the club to find “Mr. perfect one” on saturday 4 am you will have better luck.

    • Dear Kimberly, I live in Poland since 1961 when I was born so I know what I write. You live in a big university town so you know very little about Polish reality. Go to the province, small cities or villages to watch the truth. And read my article carefully. I also recommend commentary of Bethan or James. Renata

      • Very funny.Most of Polish Man living in big cites or medium cities.I think the Author of this article stop in the reality 15 years ego.Come on we’ve got 2018.

        • Poul, see this comment:
          Thank you for this article. I’m an english woman dating a polish guy and can identify with many of your points. As a feminist I’m really struggling with some of my boyfriend’s conservative and what I consider often sexist remarks. I can see now its probably cultural differences.
          Anyway this article certainly helps me understand why so few English women seem to date Polish men and why its so prevalent the other way round.

          • Obviously because the guy is form emigrations.Look at the comment Kimberly.She live in Wroclaw.Wroclaw is similar to Warsaw,Poznan,Cracow,Gdansk end many dig cities in Poland.You have to realize Poland isn’t just province.

          • Enjoy that your boyfriend is honest with you.
            (in contrast to the hypocritical people of the West)
            As for the nonsense in the article – Poland is not a problem either with xenophobia, violence against women or alcoholism much greater problems are FRANCE, SWEDEN, UK (note the differences between declared and real attitudes – this is beautifully shown in Eurostat or UN research)
            Polish culture is a culture of people from the countryside (brutal but honest)
            Western culture is the culture of the bourgeoisie (image is the most important)

          • Hi Renata,

            I am very happy with my polish boyfriend. We have been together for 2 years and he is very loving, honest and affectionate, and we get on extremely well (he also does not wear socks with sandles which is a bonus ;-))

            However, we still struggle with the cultural differences (as I am English and a single mother). His polish male friends do not like me as I am older than him 🙁 Also my boyfriend is afraid to introduce me to his family as he thinks they will disapprove of me, because I am english, older and have a child out of wedlock. He says they will expect him to marry a beautiful polish woman and will not be interested in the fact that i am independent, own my own properties, have a good career and that we make each other happy.

            It all puts a lot of pressure on our relationship, and makes it difficult for us to see a long term future together. It makes us both very sad.

            I know many English men married or dating Polish women and they do not experience any of these issues… it seems unfair. Do you have any advice for English women dating Polish men?

          • Hi Bethan,
            I have no advice for you as for other English women dating Polish guys how to relate to them. It would be good to get information from English ladies who are happy with their Polish boys – maybe new article would be helpful? It depends on your personal wishes – if you can accept him as he is or if you would like to change him a bit according to your taste. But it is very important to know the cultural background and in this matter Polish men are rather conservative, more conservative than Polish women. (I am going to write more about it soon.) This I wanted to say in this aericle what does not mean that there are not exceptions. Your personal case is a good test for your boyfriend – how far he is able to accept your specific situation. I hope he will be able to overcome the pressure of his conservative family. I wish you all the best and hope he will pass his exame.

    • Small update: Still living in Wroclaw, still in love of the city, the people in general, my friends in particular and of course, my boyfriend in special. I found this article again and I thought was a good idea to mention that I still strongly disagree with most of things mentioned here.
      If you are reading this and hesitating if coming or not to Poland, or maybe you met someone special but you don’t know if give it a shoot I recommend to you to experience by yourself and have your own conclusions. Polish have dark sense of humor, not easy to digest for weak minds; strong opinions in sensitive topics because they like to be informed and have their own conclusions in some matters; they are Slavic, they surely like to drink (as I do) so they are great for party time as well; and most important, I’ve found beutiful souls and helpful people behind a cold first impression.
      Dear, Renata, in Colombia we say: “no one is a prophet in their own land” and I think that’s what blinds a bit your perspective, I’ve travelled Poland to small cities and the answer is that people are very much welcoming when you smile. Even old people, who should be narrow minded, are very much interested in other cultures and still with the lack of language I’ve found amazing partners of lunch or bus ride.
      I know this article was pretty much for girls looking for polish man and in the matter I must mention that I’m happy with my super extra polish boy and I wish the girls reading this to be able to reach my comment and can made their minds with a different opinion.
      Best spring and summer to all.

      • Dear Kimberly,
        thank you for a wide defense of the Polish men and positive opinion about them. Great. Let me explain that this article is not written for women looking for Polish guys. It follows the article of Polish women – there is equality of sex, isn’t it? I don’t try to be a prophet (why prophet?) – I just write what I see and I am supported by other women observation and some searches. Anyway – various opinions are welcome! 🙂 Greeting

        • Renata,
          Here is your “About us” page:


          You wrote: “Jednym z powodów utworzenia tego portalu była chęć przełamania negatywnych stereotypów na temat Polski i Polaków.” (“One of the reasons of creating this portal was the desire to debunk negative stereotypes about Poland and Poles.”).

          And then what did you do? You wrote an article full of negative stereotypes about Polish men.

          Really, you are a hypocrite.

        • Hello Peter,

          sorry for delay in answering but I have not visited the website on 1st May. Your relation to my personal situation is disgusting and has nothing common with my opinion about Polish men. It is a stereotype: only bitter single women have a bad thought about Polish men. Those, who suffer violence, are really happy with them.
          Seriously – relate to my comments, one by one, what is a stereotype, and write your own opinion – I will publish it with no censoring.
          By the way: do you watch “Big Brother” 2019? Do you like those young men who – in a presence of young woman – say “kurwa” every second word? I experience it (not being young women anymore) everyday everywhere but – not to say more bad words about Polish guys – have not mentioned in my article.
          So awaiting your own article,

          • Hi Renata,

            Ok thanks for publishing my comment. I was angry at first because I thought you had censored my comment (that’s why I was a bit rude, sorry).

            I don’t know in which part of Poland have you lived, Renata, but where I’ve lived young women and girls say “kurwa” every second word just as often as young men do, on average! I agree that it is a bad and a low class habit but it applies to both genders, unfortunately.

            In your articles about Polish ladies, you did not mention how often they say “kurwa”. Well, maybe because that article was only about ladies (not about all women!), while this article is about all men (not just about gentlemen!), but why such double standard?

            I’m from the early 1990s generation, and in my generation people did not and do not say “kurwa” as much as teenagers (late 1990s and early 2000s generation) do today. You should probably tell me what has happened, you are part of the generation which was responsible for raising kids from our post-Communist generations.

            The first post-Communist generation (early 1990s) turned out well, but then you messed up something. By the way – when traveling by train, I often encounter middle-aged people (also women!) in their 40s-50s who say “kurwa” more often than people my age! So the truth is, that your post-Commie generations are more vulgar than my generation.

            Renata, maybe instead of complaining about Polish men – including young men I suppose – you should look at your own generation and at your own environment. I’m much younger than you, you could probably be my mother. So ask yourself why did your generation fail in teaching your sons how to behave? Or maybe it didn’t and you exaggerated?

            And no, I don’t watch “Big Brother” 2019 – do I miss a lot by not watching it? I don’t think so, it is a waste of time. Maybe you should watch “Big Brothers” from other countries, including “Big Brother Netherlands”, to realize that the type of people who participate in “Big Brother” behave the same way regardless of which country they are from.

            If you want to find a cultured and well-behaved man to be friends with or to marry, you shouldn’t look for him in “Big Brother”, definitely. Just like I would not look for a woman to marry in “Big Brother”, because women there are also like this.

            As for your article, I will comment on some of its parts later in another message. But for example, the word “abnormal appearance” should be replaced by “unique appearance”, assuming that you meant the way Poliszh szlachta dressed.

            Also when it comes to this quote by Olga Audzeichyk from Belarus: “Where is the fire and passion? Where are the surprises, the sticky notes for good morning on the refrigerator, where are the flowers and walks by the sea?” – asks Olga Audzeichyk from Belarus

            Isn’t it funny that a woman from a landlocked country like Belarus complaiins about lack of walks by the sea? Did she want to date a Polish guy only because of the Baltic Sea?

            Best regards,

          • Hi Peter,
            thank you very much for your very sober statement in which I found a very important question about responsibility of upbringing young generation. You are very right in your statement that it is my generation (I was born in 60.) guilt. Why we stopped teaching young people good manners? I don’t know. I don’t have children by my own but I would care about their manners. In a case of vulgarity – I have not noticed that people at 50. are more vulgar than younger ones and I have not noticed women in my age (50+) being as vulgar as men. Young girls are on the same level of bad behaviour as boys. What generally concerns Polish men – I write what I see. I live in a city of 60 000 inhabitants and I think it is rather representative for Poland. I see nothing interesting in men – in most cases. Lack of phantasy, banality, and what is more – Polish men are more conservative (means also less liberal) than women. I am going to add this notice to my article soon.
            You write well, I like it so please, send me your story and I will publish it in the special chapter. You can put it here or send to my mail: pol4ned@gmail.com.
            I will replace the word “abnormal” by unique – thanks.

  5. I think the article is very correct, and I am thankful for reading this, I will read this another time again.
    I am afraid you are so right. As an Asian person – I have observed something like this as well.

  6. Pathetic, full of stereotypes. Renata, you’re almost 60. I guess your Moherowy beret is ready for winter? Typical Polish lady in that age has at least one… I’m supprised you have not mention about this in your text.
    Best Regards.
    40+ Polish guy without beer belly never used white socks and sandals.

    • Dear Michał, I have never used “moherowy beret” (mohair beret) at all, there are still few of us, 50+ ladies not wearing them 😉 Thanks for not wearing white socks, it helps thinking not all Polish men are hopeless. Regards.

        • Why do you relate to my personal status? I think what you missed reading my article is that there are many other opinions and statistics. You write “My friends never say offensive words in front of a woman etc., polite , highly educated folk” – you are lucky then. I often start my day from hearing word “kurwa” (not at home – on the street, bus etc.). If tou don’t know the word – ask your polite friends what it means. I am very tired of it. Regards

  7. I totally agree with the article. They have have very poor fashion sense and the ones I have met all have a problem with alcohol. The polish men who have moved to the UK usually have a wife and family they are supporting backs home in Poland but a ‘dummy’ relationship in the UK. Probably the reason for their poor taste in clothes is that they send all their money back home and eat cheaply and the wrong food .. and of course too much alcohol, hence the beer belly. They are domineering and full of their own self importance and I can understand why most women don’t find them attractive. I had the misfortune to meet one and start a relationship with him .. luckily I realised quickly and got rid of him.

    • Don’t mix Polish guys from Uk(migrants)with Polish guys who live in Poland.Is is huge difference.Polish guys in Uk it is very often Pathology from small cities and village.

      • Dear Ola, the website had a technical problem with this page (and other comments) which has been solved today. Sorry for that. I have already accepted your comment. Regards – Renata

    • Yes.Polish men from the UK are very often like you wrote. but it is an article about Polish men in Poland. And in Poland the sytulation looks different. I live in Poland and as a woman I completely disagree. I do not see the huge difference between western men (who often are neglected) and Polish.

      • Why do you believe western men are often neglected? Are you suggesting western women should look after them better.. and how exactly?? Men are not babies!!! They can actually cook and clean for themselves!!!

    • Another frustrated lady without any man I guess ahahah LOL I been to Poland many times , have Polish friends etc but never saw such disaster, Never saw people wearing sandals and white socks and NONE of my friends has beer belly . IN UK , Scandinavian countries and Russia they fracking drink more .. in England though a lot of beer in others vodka in Poland variation of the two , depends where you go. My friends never say offensive words in front of a woman etc., polite , highly educated folk . One if the best educated nations in the EU. Check statistics and see what percentage of the Polish population has university degree. their education system on average – one of the best in the world .. IPoeple in Poland know what they want , they are brave , do not mess with them because they will f k yo up big time. Fearless nation of heroes !! They kicked the asses of the germans and Russians , bolsheviks , nazis, Turks , Mongols and nowadays opposed the silly rules of the EU .. Well done Polish men!! MY friends ! Poland – Lehistan = land off lords that s why all those great manners towards women.

  8. Hi there,
    I moved recently to Ireland and from my perspective article is not great. It’s not like it’s totally wrong.. But I had the feeling reading that there is so much personal pain. Article is lacking perspective.
    Anyway, best luck Renata.

  9. Nowhere else besides Poland would I ever see women wearing tights pulled over their hairy legs giving them that nasty “godzilla” look. “Matka Polka” syndrome so prevalent and widespread here kills masculinity and male traits straight from the start in young man’s life. Grażynka the archetypal femme fatale with her catholic guilt syndrome is guaranteed to turn any man”s life into a nightmare. Lastly-forget about sex life -your average polish woman is as sexually flamboyant as a sleeping sloth.

  10. I’m Dutch myself lol and my husband is Polish and we are both laughing at all of these articles that we found on the internet. My husband is really proud of his nationality nonetheless and I’m really proud of being Dutch (we both voted for CU-SGP in these EU elections). Anyhow my husband (100% Polish apparently) looks more stereotypically Dutch than even I! But certainly there are a lot of Polish workers in the Netherlands who resemble those men photographed by Renata Głuszek. Generally we like them, not everyone has to be a supermodel you know, and there are so many elderly Dutch who look similar too.

  11. kłucicie się o głópoty, macie racje z zarazem jej nie macie. Atykół przeczytałem i uważam że jest dużo prawdy. ale porównywanie polaków z różnych środowisk jest bardzo mylące, muwimy tutaj o szlachcie polskiej wykształconej i elkowetnej znającej odpowiednie zachowanie na salonach no i mamy chłopoów któży takiej ogłady nie posiadali, w dzisiejszych czasach może róność społeczna nie jest tak bardzo widoczna ale niestety, fakty nie kłamią do przemocy domowej dochodzi głównie w środowiskach o niskim statucie przepraszam za takie określenie, ale w Angli Francji można było by to samo zauważyć i powiedzieć jak równacie to na tych samych poziomach. Przepraszam za byki jestem Cienki z Ortografii

  12. Anyway this article is some piece of sh..t.. really some crazy people wrote it lol the Ferdinand Kiepski is the equivalent of the gentleman from the little Britain or the Easteneders or the shameless (but he doesn’t swear ) , he is more like a British benefiters (but his wife works and does all the stuff). F kid-ski is just a lazy guy that s all. it s a comedy sitcom bulls..t just for fun .. Many German s also wear white sandals and sock , the typical Brit is not a fashion model either hahah . Some people just don’t care about clothes or fashion .. up to them .. in one big country like Poland there are many different types of people just like everywhere in the world.. hate stupid stereotyping people. f k that! It s crazy man! And they all have the best work ethic .. very good services , great workers , great staff in Places , good sense of humour too . Im British and so what ? I only ashamed when I see the ignorant brits knowing NOTHING at all about the world but that only criticising without knowing what s the real matter .. ridiculous bunch British cheap charlies. in Spain they hate us Brits for aggressive behaviour , lack of manners hygiene etc just rough low life . I m happy I can have my Polish friends and travel to Poland whenever I wish holidays or otherwise. God bless Polish guys! Don’t slam them!

  13. To be honest… This article talk about polish men maybe 20-40 years ago we could meet. Try drive on bus or metro good luck they going to work or defineitly after – STINKY. Dunno maybe water too expensive they can be polite at the beginning later jealous öfter work is at 1st places plus cheating loads. Polish women also. I’m therapist in Poland and see many things from over 20 years. Young men just talk and think about career not interested much about being with one woman. Huge problem with alcohol. There are some great men lovely fathers but truth is one in Poland is stereotype that woman is worse. Less money less rights just good to stay home having kids very sad but true and women are really good educated men all time trying win with them. It’s sick and big problem in Poland is church. Men are jealous like to argue having right…. Girls think twice. Plus diet that’s another long topic

    • To be honest – this article is written on my own observation and some articles which were not written 20-40 years ago. Maybe the perspective from the city with metro – Warsaw I guess – is different but most of Poland is consisted of small cities. Read present magazines – what about the actress who in 2019 was forced to run away from the beach because she could not stand men’s vulgarity which is everywhere? Paradoxically 40 years ago man felt embarassed when cursed in a company of woman. But the truth is that also young women curse too much. Anyway – come to the province, village and open your eyes.
      But I agree with other thesis – a big culture difference between men and women and the Polish Church influences can’t be seen as positive.

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