Poland by plane

You can get to Poland with few international and Polish airlines (PLL LOT). As for air transportation on Polish territory, it has become recently a very competitive compared to rail and bus, and not just because of the travel time. Prices are very competitive and recently several regional airports have been built, giving us a complex network of airports across the country.

 Airport Warsaw-Okęcie, Terminal 2

Leading Polish air operator

Polish Airlines LOT (founded 1929) – Polish national carrier, but is to be sold to Turkey airlines soon, shareholder of EuroLOT.


 Polish airports have a reputation akin to most European counterparts. The new terminals are the halls of the third generation, built in the form of modules, so that if necessary they can be easily expanded. The older airports have been extended and upgraded: Warsaw-Okęcie and Gdańsk-Rębiechowo.

 Airport Wroclaw


 Local airports

You can also use the airports belonging to aeroclubs. Airports are available for sports enthusiasts of aircraft and aircraft for private owners.



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