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Poland has a highly developed network of road transport between Poland and the rest of the Europe. Just type appropriate words in a search engine and you will get immediately a long list of bus companies. The most popular international carriers include companies Eurolines, Eurobus, Orbis Transport and Euro-Trans.

Traveling by bus on long distances in Poland is simple and non problematic. Until recently the main bus carrier was PKS (Polska Komunikacja Samochodowa – Motor Transport Company). Since 2011 it has a serious competitor – PolskiBus.com company, created by a Scottish businessman.

Bus ticket prices in Poland are comparable to the prices of the train tickets. Average prices of tickets (1 euro = approx. 4 zł):

  •  from the southern to the northern part of Poland – about 60-100 zł (12-25 euros)
  •  from central Poland to many cities (eg, from Warsaw to Krakow)  –  about 40-50 zł (10-12 euros)


This company has numerous depots across Poland. The bus stations are usually located in the center of the city. Tickets may be purchased from ticket offices or directly in the bus before the departure.The latter option carries the risk that in the bus may be full but thanks to a very diversified and competitive transport system such situations are not too frequent. Tickets purchased on a specific course, with a date and time of departure, can be used only for this special course. Youth and students receive discounts on the basis of a valid identity card. You should also ask the cashier for a promotion.

 Information on schedules and ticket prices are available on the websites of the city bus divisions: www.pks.city.pl. For Gdańsk  (Danzig) – look for  www.pks.gdansk.pl (etc.) Attention: not all sites work properly!


PolskiBus.com has been operating in Poland since 2011, carrying passengers on internal routes connecting the largest Polish cities, as well as having courses to Berlin, Prague and Vienna. The buses are very comfortable, with air conditioning and Internet access, but their most important asset is a very low price.

Important notice:

At the end of 2017 PolskiBus, and the German FlixBus have announced a strategic partnership. The popular brand of red coaches will disappear from Poland until mid-2018, although the company will still exist as a subcontractor of FlixBus.

More than five-hour journey from Warsaw to Gdańsk costs from 4 – 6 euro! Tickets can be purchased online only:   polskibus.com

 Local transportation

 Very popular transport carriers are so-called microbuses (minibuses) that serve mostly on local routes. In rural areas they virtually eliminated PKS. These buses take a dozen of passengers carrying them quickly and conveniently. Tickets are purchased directly in a bus. The fee for carriage is from 1 euro.


Photo: carrier’s websites

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  1. Dear Sir/Mam,
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    Also if possible send me bus fair of different places from Warsaw…
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