Relaxing on the Vistula

Located on the right bank of the Vistula River, 120 km below Warsaw, Kazimierz Dolny is a very unique small town. It was once an important and rich commercial city, inhabited also by the Greeks, Armenians and Jews – the latter gave it a specific color, which can be still found in the numerous monuments.

Today it is a perfect holiday destination for people who like to enjoy the cultural atmosphere of this charming place. In Kazimierz Dolny it is not necessary to rush anywhere. Extraordinary number of art galleries encourage to visit them, and with the fragrant tea in the tearoom-gallery “At Dziwisz” (Krakowska 6 street) you can read a book while enjoying the delicious taste of one of the dozens kind of tea. A nice variation is a walk on the boulevard along the Vistula, which runs its water slowly, creating a unique landscape. The charm of Kazimierz Dolny has been immortalized on the pics by Renata Głuszek.

A town by Vistula River

The Old Market Square…

…and around

former town bath (1921)

Krakowska street…

…and by night

a cock ​​– the symbool of the town

Hotel “Vincent”

Relics of the past

Przybyło Houses (16th century)


Celej House (1620)

High House (17th century)

Parish church (17th/18th century)


ruins of the castle (14th century)

Memory of the Jews (synagogue and the slaughterhouse)

 below: Jewish atmosphere in the restaurant…

Art & gallerries

Tea “At Dziwisz” tearoom

Vistula River

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