Following chamois

There is a region in Poland very often celebrated by poets, praising the beauty and harshness of steep and jagged rocky peaks. This is Tatra Mountains – the highest mountain range in the Carpathian, of which the highest mountain in Poland is Rysy (2499 m). Real beauty and dread are intertwined with each other here and many lives right here came to an end.

Tatra is a very attractive tourist destination, but only an experienced or not daring big physical effort person is given to follow the footsteps of mountain goats, high up, with his head in the clouds. Climbing there is a real challenge, but in reward you get unforgettable experience and views. Well, old highlanders like to say that the landscape would be really wonderful if it had not been obscured by… mountains. Anyway it has been immortalized by Paweł Kijak, professional surveyor, passionate photographer and a great lover of the mountains, who made them the dominant theme of his beautiful photographs.

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 Tatra chamois

Orla Perć

High Tatra – reach the sky

On the trail

 Morskie Oko (Sea Eye) – the most famousTatra lake

Tatra Mountains

Gankowa Gallery

Tatra Mountains

Spring crocuses

Tatra – Rogowa over Jaworowa Valley

Orla Perć and Kościelec

Mountain hut

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