Postcards from Cracow

Like any city, Cracow has also places known and unknown for tourists. Some of a postcard type like a beautiful night panorama of the Wawel Castle. But some places are often discovered by accident only, as a newly built “Father Bernatka footbridge” which became a “love bridge”, or a beautiful neo-Gothic church of St. Joseph in Przedgórze suburbia.

Tired of running around the city one can sit down to Peter Skrzynecki, the legendary and magical spirit of Cracow, who melancholy looks at passers-by from the garden café “Vis-á-vis”. Or ask for prediction? The fortune-teller doesn’t have a black cat and a crystal ball though, but who bothers?

The more or less known corners of Cracow were peered by Monika and Rafał Woźniak of Quattro Studio.

Cracow by Monika Woźniak

Wawel by night

Father Bernatka footbridge

Neo-Gothic st. Joseph church of Przedgórze


Cracow by Rafał Wożniak

st. Thomas Lane


Vistula by night 

A tea with Peter Skrzynecki

Paintings from the Florian Gate gallery

A fortune-teller from Sukiennice

Dębnicki Bridge and swans

Old railway station

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