Harvest festival

Every year in autumn, after the harvest, Polish village celebrates the harvest festival, called “dożynki”. It is a very old Slavic tradition, formerly celebrated on the first day of autumn, September 23. Its essence was thanksgiving to the gods for a good harvest and a request for even a better one next year.

On this occasion special wreaths were created, made of the grain, the red rowan, nuts, fruits, flowers and colored ribbons. The wreaths were then stored for the next year, and the seed was used for sowing, which was to ensure a good harvest. The custom has survived to this day, but as a Christian holiday, and a crown of the wreath is decorated with some catholic symbols. Currently, the harvest festival is celebrated generally on the first Sunday of September.

Photos by Renata Głuszek.

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  1. het is prachtig om de oude tradities in ere te houden,het hoeft niet per see katoliek te zijn ,als hier nou eens wat meer aandacht wordt geschonken voor de Vrede en naar de 10 geboden leven en veel Hoop,Geloof en Liefde geven en beter met elkaar omgaan.

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